The MICHE Difference

Miche was born in 2007 and has become a fashion sensation around the world! Since our launch, our signature line of magnetic interchangeable handbags has expanded to four sizes. The overall fashion line continues to grow and includes a variety of specialty bags, wallets and other accessories.

Unique interchangeable components mean you can design a custom bag that expresses your personality and style–in just minutes! We can also help you style your futures when you become an Independent Miche Representative.

The Change Artist of Handbags

Perfect styling does not only belong on the runway, but also – and especially – on the street. MICHE now makes that possible! With a MICHE handbag your valuable contents always stay in one place, while you can change the outer cover to fit your moods. Sound good? It looks even better!

Style, Comfort, Affordability

Everything in One Bag! Most women spend a fortune buying a handbag, only use it a few times, and then leave it in the closet collecting dust. A MICHE Bag lets you leave all of your important things in a single bag. It saves space in your closet and allows you to always keep up with the latest fashions without draining your bank account. Matching who you are. Right away. This is MICHE. Who said you can’t have it all? With a MICHE Bag, you can!


HOPE is something everybody deserves to have. Here at MICHE Europe, we are doing our part to restore hope in the lives of those struggling with cancer. Our HOPE program has contributed thousands of Euros in donations and product to research and treatment for cancer patients.

You and MICHE can make a difference—when you purchase an exclusively designed HOPE product, we’ll donate a portion to the German Breastcancer Association (Brustkrebs Deutschland e.V.) via our HOPE program. Simply shop our current HOPE products to donate.