Company Address

Miche Bag GmbH
C/O RPI-Roehm
Elsenheimerstr. 7
80687 Munich
Phone: +49 8143 999 4028

Headquaters of the company: Munich - Registered at the Amtsgericht Munich, reg.#: HRB 180326  |  Represented by Nathan Bowlden, CEO
Bank details: Deutsche Bank Starnberg  | IBAN DE91700700240596065301  |  BIC/SWIFT DEUTDEDB709  |   VAT: DE 265969234
MICHE Europe is a BDD-registered and -certified company in Direct-Selling in Germany. The BDD stands for high ethical values. That means your shopping experience with us is regulated with more consumer protection than demanded by German law.
MICHE Europe is a PCI DSS certified online-shop, which means your transactions are safe with us.

European Alternative and Online Dispute Resolution (ADR/ODR)

The European Commission has established a resolution centre for all consumers regarding a product or service they bought. You can settle your dispute out-of-court through an Alternative Dispute Resolution or Online Dispute Resolution (ADR / ODR) procedure here:

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